YoungStar Micro-Grants

Child care providers can receive funds to purchase high quality materials through the YoungStar Micro-Grant Program.

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Open programs: We are currently processing materials orders received 12/17/20. Please note that orders may experience delays due to COVID-19. Thank you for your patience.

Programs temporarily closed due to COVID-19: Orders are on hold.

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Micro-grant amounts

YoungStar micro-grants are available to child care programs that accept technical assistance from a YoungStar Technical Consultant. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase items or services that support your program’s Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

The amount of micro-grant funding you receive will be determined by your type of child care program:

$200 Short-Term Operational Program
$250 Certified Family Child Care Program
$500 Licensed Family Child Care Program
$1000 Licensed Group Child Care Program & School-Age Program


How can I use my micro-grant?

Your micro-grant can be used in a number of ways to support the quality of your child care program. Common purchases are:

  • Child materials that align with program curriculum
  • Equipment or furniture that strengthens the care environment
  • Trainings for staff professional development
  • Staff or substitute time to support quality improvement work
  • Services such as contractors/builders
  • Additional technical consultation hours, through YoungStar or outside consultants
  • Registry fees
  • Accreditation cost reimbursement


Your Technical Consultant will help identify creative ways you can use your micro-grant funds to implement areas identified in your Quality Improvement Plan and support your overall program. Check out our tip sheets for more ideas!

Our Vendors

These vendors offer discounts through SFTA’s Micro-Grant Purchasing Specialists. Click a logo to go to the website.

View discount details by vendor

Eligibility & How to Apply

An eligible program must:

  • Actively participate in technical consultation with a YoungStar Technical Consultant (Accredited programs should contact their local YoungStar office to ask about receiving consultation)
  • Have completed 80% of minimum number of yearly on-site consultation hours available (except short-term programs)
  • Create a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) with a Technical Consultant based on a self-assessment

A program may receive one micro-grant per service year, as funding allows, if the program continues to meet all YoungStar and micro-grant guidelines and expectations, as outlined by the policies of the Department of Children and Families and the Micro-Grant Program at SFTA. See full eligibility criteria in the Micro-Grant Handbook.

To apply for a micro-grant, contact your YoungStar Technical Consultant. Application forms should be submitted to your Technical Consultant, who will review and submit them to Micro-Grant Program staff.

Micro-Grant Program staff will notify you when your application is processed. In most cases, the requested materials will be purchased by Micro-Grant staff.

For speedy processing, remember to make PLANS on your Purchase Plan!

P Put specific information — Include necessary product details such as size or color.
L List items in groups by vendor.
A Add extras — Include $200-$300 worth of extra items, just in case. (Complete the box on page 3 of your Purchase Plan.)
N Number of vendors: 2 for Family programs; 3 for Group and School-Age programs.
S Show us what to substitute for unavailable items. (Use the optional section on page 3 of your Purchase Plan.)


Micro-grant resources

The Micro-Grant Program Handbook contains information on eligibility, qualifying purchases,
reimbursements, and much more. Or browse all micro-grant resources in our Resource Center for child care providers.


Open micro-grant handbook          Read micro-grant FAQs          Go to Resource Center

Contact SFTA’s Micro-Grant Program

For more information, or if you have a specific question not addressed here, contact your Technical Consultant, your local YoungStar office, or SFTA Micro-Grant Program staff.

Micro-Grant Program Manager
Sherri Underwood    |    (608) 443-2120

Micro-Grant Specialist
Debi Peterson    |    (608) 443-2122