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Speak up and Act Now for Wisconsin’s Youngest Children

It Truly Takes a Village to Raise a Child

  • Young children and their families don’t exist in isolation; they live in the context of their community.
  • Strong communities provide enriching, meaningful environments where young children can begin their journey growing, living and learning.
  • Supportive communities are also built upon relationships that work towards a common goal. When we’re all working together to make every early childhood a success, everyone benefits.

Every Voice Matters in Making a Difference for Young Children

  • Early childhood presents an amazing opportunity for preventing key social problems that we are contending with today. It just takes an investment in early care and education and family support programming.
  • Everyone has a stake in early childhood, from schools to small and large businesses to policymakers and, of course, families and early care and education professionals. In some way, the success of each of these stakeholders depends on success in early childhood.
  • By being informed and taking action for young children, you can make a difference not only for a young child, but also the family they grow up in, the adult they become, the communities they live in and society as a whole.

See Success for Yourself

“I want to improve the quality of care I provide to the children and to their families.”   – Rebecca Quintanilla, Owner Lil’ Stars Family Child Care Center, Green Bay Back to School It is not easy to go back […]

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