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Be an Advocate for Young Children

Advocacy Alerts

Advocacy Day Webinar 1: ECAC Recommendations to the Governor
Advocacy Day Webinar 2: Partners in Advocacy; Objectives, Priorities & Context
Recommendations from the Governor’s Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC)
The Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG) & Child Care Development Fund (CCDF)
Legislative Council Steering Committee Symposia: Supporting Healthy Early Brain Development

Advocacy Agenda: Our Current Policy Priorities

The Early Years Matter

      • 90% of critical brain development occurs
      • The trajectory for a life is started

The Early Investment is the Smart Investment

      • High rate of return
      • Social capital builds

How to Invest…

      • Early Education:
        – Increased WI Shares Reimbursement Rates
        – Supports for Families Choosing Care
        – Increased Supports for Quality, including Consultation through YoungStar
      • Family Support:
        – Strengthening and Expanding Wisconsin’s Family Resource Center Infrastructure
        – Increased Home Visiting Capacity

Advocacy Action Team

Are you an SFTA member interested in becoming more involved with SFTA’s advocacy work? Contact Jill Hoiting at jill@supportingfamiliestogether.org to find out more about our current opportunities.

Advocacy and Lobbying

Direct or Legislative Advocacy

Who to Contact Locally?
Contact your local Alderperson, Mayor, or touch base with local advocacy groups focusing on issues you care about. Search for your city Common Council to find your District Alderperson.
Milwaukee: Mayor and Common Council, Madison: Mayor and Common Council, Green Bay: Mayor and Common Council

Grassroots Advocacy

Media Advocacy

Spreading the word
  • The Lobbying and Advocacy Handbook for Nonprofit Organizations
  • The Wheeler Report is a daily summarization of Wisconsin news stories statewide and editorials concerning Wisconsin state government.
  • Wispolitics is Wisconsin’s premier political news site.
  • Wisconsineye strives to tell the stories of our public life; the public policy discussions, civic forums, community events, the art we produce, the discoveries we make, the jobs we create, all that we contribute toward the common good in our communities and our state, with an independent, nonpartisan perspective, and without bias.
  • Communicators Guide
  • Fenton Communications: A Room with a Viewpoint
  • National Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Center: Working With the Media posits that media and communication activities will often be the most effective tools that an advocacy organization can use. This manual takes you through the basic steps of communicating your message by working with the media.
  • Twitter Jump Start: The First Guide for Small Non-profits guides non-profits through how to use Twitter most effectively to promote their organization, and the benefits that can be gained through using Twitter for non-profit promotion.
  • ImPRESSive: A Media Tip Sheet for Advocates explains how and why it is important for your organization to build an earned media strategy that meets your objectives and fulfills your organization’s overall or campaign-specific goals.
  • The Health Communicator’s Social Media Toolkit is a guide to using social media to improve reach of health messages, increase access to your content, further participation with audiences, and advance transparency to improve health communication efforts.

Interested in Advocacy Training? Contact Jill Hoiting at jill@supportingfamiliestogether.org or (608) 443.2494 to learn more about SFTA’s options for advocacy training.

See Success for Yourself

“My experience with YoungStar has been positive.  It was time – consuming, but with hard work and dedication, I realized the  improvements I was making would benefit the children in the long run.”   – Katy Schultz, Owner Tender Hearts […]

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