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Welcome to SFTA’s Online Media Center

Here in our media center you will find FAQs, past and present media coverage of SFTA, press releases, and access to SFTA publications and social media. If you are a member of the media with an inquiry, please contact info@supportingfamiliestogether.orgIf you are using a Chrome browser with a Windows operating system, you may be currently unable to open PDFs like this one due to an issue with Chrome that Google is working to resolve. Until this issue is addressed, please use an alternative browser to access PDFs on our site.


Please visit our FAQ page to get a brief overview about SFTA beginnings, SFTA’s mission, vision, purpose, and our goals for the future.

Expulsion Studies

  • 2015: SFTA, in partnership with several other early childhood entities, surveyed providers across the state to gauge enrollment and strategies programs use to address challenging behaviors in children. Findings include updates in expulsion data from the 2010 expulsion survey (below). View the In Brief: Enrollment, Expulsion and Resource Use in Wisconsin Child Care, or take a look at the project summary.
  • 2009-2010: In the winter of 2009-2010, the Supporting Families Together Association (SFTA) collected information from child care providers across Wisconsin on the issue of child care retention and expulsion. This study provided invaluable information on the problem of expulsion in child care settings across the state of Wisconsin, and how expulsion levels are indicative of the level of unmet social and emotional needs of Wisconsin’s youngest children. View the Expulsion Study.

Press Releases & Statements


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What Works In Family Support BlogThe What Works blog is a place for Family Resource Center staff and other family support professionals to network and heighten awareness of their individual efforts by sharing stories from the field, data and materials, relevant information, and ideas. To learn more, visit our Connect with other Family Support Professionals page.
Apoyando Familias Aprendiendo Juntos (Supporting Families Learning Together) Radio Show and Blog: Supporting Families Learning Together is the product of collaboration between SFTA and WLMV La Movida radio. This weekly radio show provides information in Spanish to parents, early childhood professionals, and the community about issues relating to young children and their families. The show runs live, every Wednesday on La Movida 1480AM at 10 am. To listen to past shows and read the corresponding scripts, visit the Apoyando Familias Aprendiendo Juntos blog. Apoyando Familias Aprendiendo Juntos, es una colaboración de la Asociación Juntos Apoyando Familias (SFTA) y WLMV La Movida, para proveer información en español a los padres, proveedores de cuidado infantil, y la comunidad en general, sobre temas relacionados con niños pequeños y familias. Transmitido en vivo en La Movida, 1480AM, los miércoles a las 10 am. Para escuchar, o comentar sobre los programas en nuestro “blog” haga clic aquí.
Active Early & Healthy Bites BlogThe key to prevention is stopping something before it happens. Over 30% of Wisconsin’s two to four year old children are already overweight or obese, so this means we have to start early. Also, early childhood presents a developmental window of opportunity. Young children are soaking up information all around them every day. Their brains and bodies are growing rapidly and they are primed to learn. It’s important that they have the opportunity to learn healthy habits from a young age, so that these habits can last a lifetime.Through this blog, we aim to provide you with research-based information, tools, resources and ideas for implementation so that you can support our youngest children in developing healthy eating and physical activity habits, whether you are supporting young children at home, in care or in the community.

Awards & Honors

  • Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE) Community Outreach Spotlight, July 6,2014:
    Chosen as the 2014 Association to spotlight, leading up to and at the September WSAE Innovation Summit.
  • Black Child Development Institute (BCDI), November 14,2013:
    Sponsor of 7th Annual Recognition in Community Service Banquet
  • Wisconsin Child Care Administrators Association (WCCAA) 2013:
    You Make a Difference: Early Childhood The Big Picture
  • Black Child Development Institute (BCDI), November 8,2012:
    Corporate Sponsor of 6th Annual Recognition in Community Service Banquet
  • UW Colleges and UW-Extension Chancellor’s Awards 2012:
    Award for Excellence in Community Engagement


We welcome the use of our logo by members of the media and other community partners who are interested in promoting or highlighting SFTA’s work. Guidelines for using SFTA’s logo and brand exist to ensure consistency and clarity. To request permission to use SFTA’s logo, please contact info@supportingfamiliestogether.org.

Guidelines for Using the SFTA Logo:

  • The SFTA logo may only be used for the purpose of promoting SFTA efforts and our mission to build systems and support quality care, resources, and education to enrich the lives of children. Or, the SFTA logo may be used to show SFTA as a supporter and/or resource in conjunction with the promotion of another organization, event, or materials, whose intent is in line with the SFTA mission. Permission for use must be granted by SFTA
  • You may use the logo in its color, or black and white format, as shown above
  • When working with designers, printers, sign manufacturers and other suppliers, use only the logo images and digital electronic art from files that are made available by SFTA’s communications staff
  • To preserve the impact of the SFTA brand, our logo may not be altered or distorted in any way
    • The SFTA logo may not be outlined, textured, shadowed or shaded
    • No other text or design device may be placed around or joined to the logo, nor should the SFTA logo symbol ever become a part of another logo
    • If you are using the SFTA logo or brand together with another logo on print or online materials, the SFTA logo must be prominently displayed and similarly sized or larger than the companion logo and, when possible, centered
  • To maintain its integrity and maximum impact, the SFTA logo has a minimum size requirement of .8” by 1.06” for the color, and .8” by 1.05” for the black and white, when being used in any print or online materials or venue
  • To ensure readability and maximize the impact of SFTA’s visual identity, the background colors that can be used with the SFTA logo are carefully defined
    • The black and white logo may only appear on a white or transparent background. Otherwise a background color that is specified to the SFTA brand and logo, or our partners when appropriate, is acceptable
    • The color logo may only appear on a white, black, or transparent background
  • A “clear space” equal to the height of the capital “S” in the SFTA logo, as you have it sized for your purposes, must be maintained on all four sides of the logo when placed in printed publications or other materials. This space allows the SFTA logo to stand alone for better recognition and protects it from blending with text, headlines, or other images
    • No graphic elements — including typography, patterns, illustrations, or photographs — should appear within this space

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