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COVID-19 Information for Parents and Providers


Your local Child Care Resource & Referral Agency (CCR&R) will be happy to help you find child care programs in your area that remain open and have spots available.

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Many parents are also turning to family, friends, or neighbors for child care during this difficult time. This can be an excellent solution with proper preparation and precautions. View tips for placing your child in the care of a family member, friend, or neighbor



DCF has issued guidance for parents and child care providers around school-age children attending child care while remote learning.

Parents may now be eligible to receive financial help paying for child care with Wisconsin Shares if their child attends care during the school day, even if the parents are working from home. Learn more about Wisconsin Shares.



If you have questions or concerns not addressed here, or you simply need to talk, please do not hesitate to contact your local Child Care Resource & Referral Agency (CCR&R).

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“YoungStar has been a personal reward to myself…a personal goal. I was like, I am just getting that 5 Stars.” – Beth Bue, Owner, Teddy Bear Family Childcare, Black River Falls The Start of Teddy Bear Family Childcare At the […]

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