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The Early Experiences You Create Matter for A Lifetime

Starting out on the Right Foot is Key to a Successful Child Care Program

  • The child care industry is a cornerstone of a thriving economy. For families to be successful at work, they need to know their children are in enriching environments, with nurturing caregivers that foster growth, development and learning throughout early childhood.
  • When starting a regulated child care program, there are a lot of questions to ask and decisions to make. SFTA and our partnering Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (CCR&Rs) want to make it as clear and easy for you as possible. Call us before making any major commitments or investments, so that we can help to make sure you have the best information and resources to make informed decisions.
  • Once you’re up and running, you can still count on us to support your business. SFTA and CCR&Rs refer families in need of child care to programs. Be sure to update your business information every year and to call your local CCR&R to let them know when you have openings and when you have filled them, so that you receive referrals when you need them.

Quality Improvement is a Fantastic Journey

  • With all of the research and innovation in the field of early care and education, we are never done learning and improving.
  • Quality improvement takes time and intention. It’s a process that will look different for every professional and every program, so find the method and set the goals that work for you.
  • YoungStar, Wisconsin’s Child Care Quality Rating and Improvement System, is an industry changer. For the first time in Wisconsin’s history, every child care program has access to FREE resources and supports, including technical consultation, professional development counseling and micro-grants.
  • If you’re ready for more, SFTA and CCR&Rs customize training and consultation content at a low cost. We’ll work with your program to make sure your unique needs are met.

See Success for Yourself

“One of the things is in starting YoungStar is you have to be proactive in where you want to go…we are in a rural county that hasn’t got a lot of money…there is nothing overly spectacular about us…I believed we […]

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