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Find online training opportunities through SFTA and any of the 10 Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) agencies in the WI CCR&R network.

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Meet SFTA’s Trainers and Consultants

SFTA trainers and consultants have a wide variety of early care and education experience and expertise that they can personalize to programs, organizations, and communities statewide, to meet your needs. SFTA’s trainers meet The Registry’s Professional Development Approval System requirements to deliver training and consultation.

Abbe Braun

Professional Development Manager

“You did a great, thorough job! Thank you!”

– Participant in Co-Trained Wisconsin Early Learning Models training

“All this information was and will be so entirely helpful! I hope to make the kits and bring them on home visits. One of our main focuses is always nutrition. All materials are new to me—so I know our families will appreciate something different, too.”

– Participant in Co-Trained Active Early & Healthy Bites: Home Edition

“Loved it. Thank you for your time and knowledge. Fun and informational!”

– Participant in the Wisconsin Early Care and Physical Education (Active Early)

Penny Chase

Quality Improvement Manager


“Penny was very engaging. Kept it going without boredom. Makes me want to look into the rating more.”

“Considering formal rating. Thanks to Penny!!”

– Participants in the Co-Trained Environment Ratings Scales Overview

“Everything you suggested, we will apply, try and dedicate ourselves to.”

“Penny & Barb are Extraordinary trainers – whatever you are paying them – double it!!”

– Participants in the Co-Trained Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards Training

Jill Hoiting

Co-Director, Programs & External Relations


“Awesome way to use the experience & knowledge of participants. So fun & interactive!”“Thought it was a very good presentation. Very easy to understand. Jill was great!!”

– Active Early & Healthy Bites: Home Edition Facilitator Training Participants

“I enjoyed that both Jill and Lilly knew, really knew, what they were teaching us! It shows they love and have a passion for what they do and helping others get there!”

– Participant in the Co-trained 8-Session Pyramid Model Training Series

“Excellent experience! I will make more contacts with my representatives and senators.”

“Great reminder of how we advocate every day in many different ways & that it’s not as scary as I thought.”

“Great job, Jill! Awesome job on sharing new resources, finding speakers and giving positive feedback in leading the group.”

– Participants in SFTA’s Leaders Institutes on Advocacy

Kathy Kadar

Quality Assurance Specialist


“Kathy Kadar has done a great job in getting us involved within the training.”

– Participant in the School Age Curricular Framework

“Awesome training and well presented!”

– Participant in Pyramid Model Infomercial

“Thank you for everything Kathy! Your help and your input have helped us as teachers and our program be the best we can be.”

– Participant in Pyramid Model Training

Toni Kutner

Licensing Preparation Technical Consultant


“Everything was extremely helpful. I felt as though I always understood what was expected of me and what steps I should follow. Because of Toni I never felt confused or lost.”

“Toni’s professionalism, knowledge and assistance are much appreciated. She has gone “above and beyond” to assist us in this process.”

“Toni did an in-depth consultation and answered all our questions. Toni also gave information that would help us; such as websites, rules and showing us examples of how things should be worded.”

“Toni provided her years of expertise during the site visit which was extremely helpful. She was encouraging & provided positive input/ feedback during our conversation.”

– Pre-Licensing Consultation Recipients

Anna Ramirez

Licensing Preparation Manager

Anna provides T & C in Spanish & English 



“I learned that all kids are individual. I learned how to communicate with the parents, teachers and children.”

– Participant in the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

“Que me encanto esta clase para mi como madre para educarme y darles una mejor educación a mis niños y poder ayudar a otras personas.” – I loved the class for myself as a mother, to educate myself and give my children a better education and to help other people.

– Participant in the Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect – Mandatory Reporter Training

Romilia Schlueter

Bilingual Quality Improvement Specialist

Romilia provides T & C in Spanish & English 


“Enthusiastic & clearly passionate. Very engaging. Thank you! Great speaker; interactive, thoughtful, welcoming and warm.”

– Participant in the Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect – Mandatory Reporter Training

“Déjenos saber cuándo tenga más clases – Me encanta la manera en la que Romilia enseña.” – Let us know when you have more classes – I like the way Romilia teaches.

– Germs, Worms, Crud and Mud Participant

“La instructora es magnifica, tiene facilidad de palabra, deja que los estudiantes den sus ideas y se expresen sin perder el orden de la clase. Da el ejemplo y es muy respetuosa de todas las opiniones.” – The instructor is wonderful, has a way with words, she let the students give their ideas and express themselves, without losing the order of the class. She sets an example and is very respectful of all opinions.

– The Pyramid Model of Social Emotional Development Training Participant

Additional Resources for Professional Development

  • Visit the SFTA YoungStar Professional Development Department page
  • Core Competencies: The Wisconsin Core Competencies for Professionals Working with Young Children and Their Families were developed by the Professional Development Initiative (PDI), Competencies and Career Ladder Workgroup to create a document to assist providers across professions to understand the commonalities in their work with young children and their families.
    • Wisconsin Core Competencies  – This resource was developed as a guide for professional growth and development for all professionals working with young children and their families.
  • Click the “For Providers” tab below, and search for Strengthening Families™ programs and resources that are a fit for your work. Scroll to the bottom of the chart and click the button that reads “full screen” to view in full.

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