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COVID-19 Update: Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (CCR&Rs) are maintaining up-to-date lists of child care providers remaining open in their regions. Click here to find your local CCR&R and they can help you locate immediate care.

There are nine Child Care Resources & Referral Agencies (CCR&Rs) in Wisconsin ready to help you find child care that meets the needs of your family. Answer a few questions regarding your needs and wants for care and you will receive a customized list of child care providers located near your home or place of work, free-of-charge. You can start the process by phone, online or in person. Enhanced referrals in which a specialist supports you beyond a list of referrals are available should you wish to invest in this service. Find your local CCR&R to get you started on your child care search here. Check out some CCR&R successes shared from across Wisconsin:

Looking for child care?  Watch this video to learn about Child Care Resource & Referral agencies and hear from local Referral Specialist staff who are just a phone call away to support you in your child care search.

“A distraught grandmother called her local CCR&R. Her daughter faced homelessness and she needed child care resources in case she had to take in her grandchildren. A Resource and Referral Specialist gave her a list of child care providers and referred her to a Parent Educator within the CCR&R. The Parent Educator provided resources for the grandmother to give her daughter to help her avoid homelessness, and additional resources in case the grandchildren came to live with her.”

“A father requiring second shift care for his son with special needs came into the Resource & Referral office to find child care. A Referral Specialist provided him an enhanced referral to generate a list of child care centers that covered second shift and had openings. She was also able to provide this father with information about assistance to help pay for child care and how to collaborate with his county case worker to obtain additional funding for the center to provide one-on-one care that would meet his son’s needs.”

“A mother walked into her local CCR&R saying that she knew she needed help. She was talking very fast and said that she was feeling a little overwhelmed and scared because she had just taken a “leap of faith.” She explained her son had been kicked out of child care for the fourth time. She just gave her two week notice at work, and was stopping in to get more information about becoming a certified child care provider. After receiving a lot of information and resources to get started, she left very excited to begin her new career path, saying, ‘Well, here I go! If I need help, you will be hearing from me. I’m scared and excited!’”

“A mother called her local CCR&R looking for care for her 14-year-old daughter with special needs. The Referral Specialist worked with the mother through an enhanced referral to get a list of child care providers with openings that could support her daughter. The Referral Specialist also contacted the local school district to research what area resources were available for the family. The Referral Specialist was able to connect the mother with the appropriate school district staff person so they could work together to come up with a plan that met the parent/child needs. The mother told the Referral Specialist, ‘I am so thankful for all the help and resources you provided.’”

Find your local Child Care Resource & Referral Agency now to get started with your search or to learn more about additional services available:

walk If Your Children Could Look for QUALITY Child Care, They Would Want to Know…

My provider should be someone who:

  • Will show me love by hugging, smiling, rocking, talking and singing
  • Knows and cares about my needs
  • Wants to learn more about teaching and caring for other children like me
  • Listens and thinks that I am special

My child care should be a place where:

  • I can learn by playing with toys, blocks, games, and with other children
  • I can crawl, walk, run, explore, and feel safe inside and out
  • I can have fun and be happy
  • My special needs will be met

I will learn and have fun every day by:

  • Reading stories
  • Singing songs
  • Playing games
  • Painting pictures
  • Building with blocks
  • Wondering why & how
  • Sifting sand
  • Pouring water
  • Cooking food
  • Coloring
  • Counting
for-parents Choosing quality child care matters: It helps your child get off to the best possible start and paves the way for future success. Know the rules: multiple resources and information on how to vet and choose a child care are available on the YoungStar Parent Resources webpage. Background checks are conducted on licensed and certified child care providers. If you choose an unregulated provider, consult wcca.wicourts.gov or contact us for assistance.
VisitVisitVisit (Aqua)
  • Visit the programs you are considering
  • Think about walking in your child’s shoes
  • Schedule interviews with several providers
  • Use your checklist
  • Ask questions
  • Go with your feelings
  • Keep visiting the program you select

Use this printable brochure to take with you on your visits. It includes your checklist for the visit.

Need Help (Aqua)

Need help with the cost of child care?

Wisconsin Shares is available to help pay child care costs for income-eligible families. Child care fees are tax deductible. Check with your employer about pre-tax options or contact us for more information.

Wisconsin Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies provide referrals – not recommendations. We do not endorse any child care provider or center. All responsibility for selecting child care remains solely with the legal parent or guardian.

Are you an Employer?

Contact your local CCR&R to talk about how your business can invest in child care search services for new and current employees.

See Success for Yourself

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