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Membership in SFTA is a commitment to work together toward the common benefit of children, families and communities. SFTA exists to develop and support an effective network of family support systems and early care and education systems which brings quality, strength-based services to all Wisconsin communities. SFTA supports members in fulfilling their missions to serve children and families with high quality, evidence-based, culturally appropriate services. We envision an environment where all children have the opportunity to reach their highest potential and where all adults understand their role and responsibilities to children.

SFTA is the only nonprofit early childhood organization in Wisconsin that is made up of other early care and education and family resource organizations. Members gain access to a wide range of benefits including child and family friendly advocacy efforts, low or no cost training and professional development, leadership institutes, research reports, networking opportunities, publications that highlight cutting edge resources and initiatives, and more.

SFTA Offers Two Types of Membership

Core Membership

Core membership in SFTA is open to all nonprofit child care resource and referral agencies and family resource organizations. Dues are based on the annual operating budget of organizations. We offer a wide array of membership benefits and we continually work to enhance those benefits. SFTA’s Board of Directors is made up of diverse stakeholders and community members including a child care resource and referral representative and family resource representative. Core members may participate in elections of these board representatives, per the SFTA by-laws. Core members are also eligible to submit proposals for SFTA funding opportunities. Organizations which are core members of SFTA must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a Wisconsin-based, nonprofit Child Care Resource & Referral Agency, as recognized by Child Care Aware of America, with a demonstrated track record of serving families, professionals, and communities. Or,
  • Be a Wisconsin-based nonprofit Family Resource organization with a demonstrated track record of serving families, professionals, and communities. And,
  • Endorse SFTA’s mission, vision, purpose, and strategic aims, and currently operate with a mission aligned with SFTA’s
  • Demonstrate the existence of direct programming across the three domains of community, family, and professional services that benefit young children. While emphasis and priority may vary across member organizations, a multi-pronged approach ensures that core priorities and operations of members are aligned
  • Keep current with annual dues

Become a Core Member:

Those who do not meet the above requirements for core membership may apply for an individual membership.

Individual Membership

SFTA also offers individual memberships. Organizations/individuals that are individual members of SFTA must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a Wisconsin resident
  • Endorse SFTA’s mission, vision, purpose, and strategic aims, and currently operate with a mission aligned with SFTA’s
  • Identify as a friend of children and families that has a track record of promoting policies, practices, and principles that are good for children and families
  • Keep current with annual dues

Become an Individual Member.

Benefits of SFTA Membership are Comprehensive

Core Individual
SFTA builds nonprofit leadership and management capacity through organizational development and networking:
Receive reduced rates to leadership institutes to nurture and grow leadership in organizations championing children and families x x
Participate in regular networking calls with other organizations with similar missions to share best practices x x
Free or low-cost educational events in person and via distance-learning for organizational leaders, direct service staff, and member boards x x
Information sharing to enhance and support social media efforts x x
Automatic subscriptions to & potential features in the SFTA quarterly newsletter, the Supporting Families Online Digest, and SFTA quarterly Member Updates x x
Resources for technical questions relating to nonprofit management, fund development, personnel issues, budgeting, board development, program design & evaluation, and at request technical assistance for FRC members x
SFTA deepens the understanding and builds awareness of early childhood:
Access to low cost training and technical assistance with an interdisciplinary cohort of learners x x
Statewide and media advocacy on all trends, issues, and research results x x
Free or reduced rates for all SFTA published research reports x x
Invitations to innovative train-the-trainer content based on evidence and best practices x
SFTA serves as your voice and advocate on public policy issues that impact young children and families:
State legislative monitoring, including lobbying when and where appropriate x x
Collaborative development of position statements on issues that matter most to kids and families x x
Public policy updates throughout the year x x
Legislative alerts regarding policy action x x
General advocacy efforts, including a Supporting Families Through Advocacy Day during each legislative session x x
Participation in effective statewide issue campaigns x x
SFTA supports Wisconsin’s children, families, and communities by upholding transparency and accountability through board governance, and by funding high quality programs and services in local communities.
Eligible to Vote for CCR&R or FRC Representation on SFTA’s Board of Directors x
Eligibility to Submit Proposals in Response to SFTA RFPs x

Annual Membership Dues

Core Members

Fees are based on organization’s operating budget for the previous year and will be required.

Operating Budget & Fee
< $100,000 / $100 annually
$100,000-$299,999 / $300 annually
$300,000-$499,999 / $500 annually
$500,000-$699,999 / $700 annually
$700,000- $999,999 / $900 annually
$1,000,000+ / $1,000 annually

Individual Members Fee: $25

Approval Process for New Core Members

  • Review of applications: A committee of the SFTA Board of Directors, Executive Team, and Membership Coordinator will review applications monthly to evaluate eligibility for core and affiliate memberships
  • Notification of new members about decision: The Membership Coordinator will correspond with candidates when membership is approved or denied and provide certificate of membership, an annual events calendar, and a customized press release for local media distribution when someone is accepted and dues have been received. The Membership Coordinator will also make personal contact with new members and affiliates to welcome them to SFTA, confirm information on the application for inclusion in the SFTA membership directory, and gather any additional organizational contacts that should be added to mailing or subscription lists
  • Announcement of memberships: SFTA will announce new members through the online digest, newsletters, social media and/or other communication tools, to notify existing members and remind the public to look at the member directory to learn more about new members
  • Renewal of memberships: Annual renewal applications are sent out to members every year. With the renewal, annual dues are collected

Do You Have Questions? Contact:

1 (888) 713.KIDS
700 Rayovac Drive, Suite 6
Madison, WI 53711


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