The Young Star Program is a great asset to the State of Wisconsin. It offers the tools, guidance, and opportunity for our child care centers to rise to the level our children deserve.

- Amanda Hollis, Child Care Assistant

CAP CARE Cambridge, WI

Confidence to Achieve More

With the onset of YoungStar for school-age programs and brand new to the process, CAP CARE decided to focus on ensuring that they received a 3 star rating in their first year of participation. What came as a pleasant surprise was the encouragement and confidence of their technical consultant to go through the formal rating process to earn 4 stars. “Although the initial thought of becoming a 4 star program seemed overwhelming, the YoungStar program provided the support and information to allow us to reach our goal! It has been great for our program and our families,” describes Lesli Buehler who directs the program.

No Stopping Now

And CAP CARE is not stopping at 4 stars. With only three points to go for a 5 star rating, they are already creating changes that will support them in reaching those 5 stars next year. For example, every child started the new school year off with a portfolio in order to meet quality indicators linked to Learning Environment & Curriculum. How did they make this happen? They effectively engaged families. Because they were able to integrate portfolio building in the annual open house held by the school, CAP CARE was able to engage families of children enrolled, as well as other families who dropped in. Innovatively, CAP CARE separately interviewed families and children that evening, taking time to gather information, understand perspectives, show children and families that they are valued and very importantly to get families thinking about their role in quality school-age programming.

Strength & Validity

While change can be challenging, CAP CARE shares that it is well-worth it for the positive response. Janette Bystol, Child Care Leader, describes how children have reacted to changes in the environment, sharing that: “YoungStar has shown us that less is more and children have really responded to the idea positively. Having the art station, “Painting with Picasso,” always set up and ready to go has been a huge hit. The block area is another favorite with small bins of people, transportations and more, all close by ready for play. Gina, from 4-C, was a huge help in the entire process and I am forever grateful for all of her wonderful ideas to help us achieve our 4 star rating.” The encouraging reactions don’t stop with the children. With coverage from the local media and congratulations from school teachers and families, this positive recognition served to strengthen and validate CAP CARE’s quality.

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