[The best part is] the kiddos. Your day is never the same. You never know what they are going to throw at you.

- Beth Bue, Owner

Teddy Bear Family Childcare, Black River Falls

The Start of Teddy Bear Family Childcare

At the age of 18, Beth Bue started her career in child care working at a group center. Years later in 1993, still in the child care field, Beth had her youngest son and found there was no child care available in her area that worked for her family. So she established her own family child care, Teddy Bear Family Childcare. When YoungStar came about, Beth’s program was in full swing, and she was more than ready to tackle YoungStar requirements. “The most challenging thing for me is not to panic and get all frazzled when the observer is here,” admitted Beth. Beth’s program has grown and thrived through YoungStar, taking the great things Beth was already implementing in the home, to the next level.

Next Level

Since beginning YoungStar Beth has seen positive changes in her program. “The kiddos are able to make their own choices,” said Beth, “and it just seems more like a relaxed environment.” Beth currently has 8 children ranging from 2 to 6 years old in her program. Through working with YoungStar, Beth has enhanced her reading and science areas, completed some needed construction updates to her home to strengthen the quality of the program environment, and looks to the children’s interests to shape lesson planning. There is also a big focus on the children’s portfolios. Beth uses Teaching Strategies GOLD to keep track of her children’s portfolios online, so that she can share children’s developmental milestones and goals with their parents. Through all of these changes and efforts, Beth’s program recently achieved a 5 Star rating, becoming the first 5 Star child care program in Jackson County.

5 Star Recognition

Besides the pride taken in achieving 5 Stars, Beth landed in the spotlight with her parents and community. One of her parents contacted the local news about Beth’s achievement, and the paper printed a glowing article about Beth’s program accomplishments. Beth personally celebrated her 5 Star rating with a party for her children and their parents, reminiscent of one she had nearly 2 years ago, celebrating 30 years in child care. At the 30 year party Beth invited all of the children she cared for over the years, some of whom now have families of their own. And for Beth, that is what makes it all worthwhile. “It’s just the kiddos,” said Beth. “Your day is never the same. You never know what they are going to throw at you.”

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