I feel truly honored to take care of children.

- Sheri Johnson, Owner

Imagination Station, Rice Lake

From the Start

Sheri Johnson just knew that she would some day educate and inspire young children. Sheri has grown into a remarkable teacher that started as a young child playing “School” with her friends siting in desks, as she stood as the teacher in the front of the room. As a family child care owner, she finds it exhilarating to watch the interactions between her students that are of all different ages. The older children help with the younger, while the younger learn and absorb skills from the older children. Sheri feels lucky to provide her students with an environment that allows them to learn, grow, and get a little (or a lot) messy!

Easy Education

Sheri is so happy that she explored YoungStar. It took her down a path that led her to more education. With the encouragement of her Technical Consultant, Brandy Metcalf, she was able to visualize herself taking classes while still providing quality care for her students. With a T.E.A.C.H. scholarship awarded to her and the receipt of credit for classes that she was already attending for continuing education, it seemed foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity. By completing the Preschool Credential, Sheri attained enough points in Provider Education and Training to move her up in Registry Career Levels and earn her 3 Star rating!

Plus, what she learned in her classes could only benefit her students! For Sheri, her favorite classes focus on child development. She loves that she can instantly apply what she learns to her child care program. Another benefit is all of the support she feels. Sheri really values the support that she has received from Brandy, but also from her classmates. It is welcome to have the company of others in the early care and education field.

It is All About the Children

Sheri believes YoungStar is about helping children. It allows providers to work hard to improve their practices for their students. Sheri found that the process of technical assistance celebrated the techniques she already used that positively impacted her students’ learning. In addition, she could look at and assess her environment in order to make small, but meaningful changes. For example, Sheri simply added a tent and small light to her environment, so that her students now have a cozy and quiet area to retreat to when calm and relaxation are needed.

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