I have the best job in the world. I make such an impact on the futures of the kids in my care.

- Peggy Neau, Owner

Peggy’s Place, Pleasant Prairie

15 Years of Quality Service

Since Peggy Neau opened her doors to the children of Pleasant Prairie in 1998, she has been helping them reach their highest potential. Peggy has loved the work she has been able to do with the children in her care. Mostly, she enjoys that she gets to teach the children to respect themselves and others in the community. The work can be frustrating and challenging, but worth it! Peggy knows that the children are happy when they are with her and the parents are happy to have Peggy as the caregiver to their children.

YoungStar Challenge

“YoungStar was challenging. It challenged me!” Peggy accepted this challenge as a chance to really examine her program. A benefit of working through formal rating, Peggy mentions, is that it is a chance to think critically and analyze the standards. This allowed Peggy the opportunity to take a very in depth look at her program. Through this process, Peggy found many areas of success to celebrate and other areas where she could make some minor enhancements that would benefit her program and the children she cares for. The YoungStar experience was even more pleasant by working with her Technical Consultant, Corie Davis. Peggy reflects that it was helpful to have the support along the way, that Corie was a helpful guide. Having the Quality Improvement Plan and clear goals, kept Peggy moving forward.

Working Towards Her Goals

Peggy is now working at full speed toward Accreditation. It is important to Peggy to do all that she can to provide the children in her care with the most enriching learning environment. Another goal of Peggy’s, is to make her assessments more intentional. She hopes to incorporate her assessments into her daily planning and portfolios. Peggy’s determination and commitment to the children is what motivates her to work hard for her program.

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