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Dedication and a Plan Bring Success for Lil’ Stars

“I want to improve the quality of care I provide to the children and to their families.”


– Rebecca Quintanilla, Owner
Lil’ Stars Family Child Care Center, Green Bay

Back to School

It is not easy to go back to school while raising a one- and three-year-old and running a small business, but Rebecca Quintanilla of Lil’ Stars Family Child Care Center has demonstrated it can it be done. In her second year of YoungStar, Rebecca decided to work with a technical consultant. After weighing the many options with her consultant, Jamie Tramte Brassfield, Rebecca decided to focus in on credit-based education. She  applied for and received a T.E.A.C.H. scholarship to help cover the cost of earning her Associate’s Degree in early childhood education.  Rebecca has observed that in her 12+ years of experience, the field has continued to change. By taking additional classes, she’s been able to keep current and implement best practices.

A Rising Star

With the support and encouragement of her technical consultant, as well as the families in her program,    Rebecca achieved her 3 Star rating in year two.  But she is not stopping there.  Rebecca is already thinking about the improvements she wants to make to her program next year.  “With the goals I have I want to move to the next step and try for a 4 Star rating,” states Rebecca.  Not only will she be looking to rise in stars, but she is also taking steps to transition from certification to licensure, so that she can provide high quality care for more children and families.

It’s All for Children and Families

Rebecca’s students and their families are delighted with the improvements she’s made through her engagement in YoungStar.  The children in her care have had their interest piqued by the investments Rebecca has made with her micro-grant, with one child loving the new library and another being drawn to new manipulative materials. Families appreciate the new visual schedule, an idea she learned about in one of her classes.  Rebecca knows that YoungStar is meant to support families, stating “I would hope that families would take the time to research different programs, whether it is a group child care center of a family child care center, before enrolling their children. Some of the things I personally would look at would be if they participate in YoungStar, their rating and the kind of violations they have received. I would want to know that my children are safe and receiving high quality child care.”

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