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¡Sí, se puede! (Yes, you can!)

“Working with YoungStar has been a total success. With YoungStar I was guided to create a safe environment to make sure everything the children needed was in place.”

– Ivelisse Crespo, Owner/Provider
Ivelisse Crespo Family Child Dc, Milwaukee

Getting Started

Ivelisse Crespo came to the United States from Puerto Rico with a college degree and a passion for working with young children. After struggling to find work as a non-English speaker, Ivelisse eventually decided to start her own child care program. Her program was licensed in April of 2001 and she built her clientele by word of mouth. Ivelisse worked with YoungStar through the process of setting up and refining her program environment and took advantage of the opportunity for continuing her education. She worked hard to earn her program’s current 5 Star rating, and is now at her full capacity of eight children for enrollment.

A Learning Process

Ivelisse says that with the education she received through YoungStar she has developed a new, less rigid method of teaching than in the past. She implements within her program the idea that children use play in their discovery of knowledge. It is how children explore and grow, and allowing them to do so is a chance for educators and parents to observe how individual children learn. Ivelisse says she has learned that if a child gets up and wanders during story time she does not have to stop until that child is seated and attentive. She lets them investigate while she finishes the story, and everyone wins. The child who is wandering is still learning, and so are the children listening to the story. This is just one example of how Ivelisse has applied this new teaching approach. She says that using it reduces stress because she feels prepared and she can see the children in her program responding positively. Overall, this creates a more relaxed, open environment in her program, that is more conducive to learning.

A New Approach

According to Ivelisse, working with YoungStar opened the door to creating the successful teaching style she uses now, and to receiving her National Association for Family Child Care Accreditation this past summer. Ivelisse is now applying to Master’s degree programs, to continue improving her effectiveness as a child care provider. She says she would like to tell other early child care providers working to improve their programs through YoungStar, that yes, the effort is sometimes stressful, yes, it can be difficult, but it is worthwhile, and it is rewarding. And if you think you can’t do it, Ivelisse is here to tell you, “Sí, se puede.”

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- SFTA Staff

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